By harnessing the power of nature, and encapsulating remedies that have been used for centuries, our mission is to support human beings to reach their fullest potential.

Our generation is here to end the stigma that surrounds mental health. To help support the journey that is within each of us.

You are not alone.


    The HAVN Life Research teams are continually challenging themselves to identify, isolate and understand the renowned benefits of mushrooms and plants.

    This is done by looking back to our ancestors and studying the therapies that were used with great success. We have modernized their remedies and the supplements we are creating will continue to help human beings with overall physical performance and mental health.



We recognize how important regulation is for a consumer, this is why we meticulously researched the conscious-expanding compounds found in plants and mushrooms.

This attention to detail has garnered HAVN Life full Health Canada approval on our supplements. Used therapeutically, we have been able to help those suffering from mental health issues.

Our groundbreaking research continues to push us further into understanding and isolating more ways to use nature successfully to treat those in need.