3 Mushrooms That Help With Mental Focus

3 Mushrooms That Help With Mental Focus

At HAVN Life, we believe in the potential of our minds and bodies to help us perform at our best. In the past, we’ve talked about ways to improve memory and mental focus, and using herbs for mental health

Many people need that cup of coffee in the morning to ‌function mentally, but could mushrooms accomplish the same effect without caffeine? Can we use mushrooms to prevent the decrease in cognition that comes with age? In this blog, we’ll talk about 3 mighty mushrooms we can use to boost our mental focus.



We’ve talked previously about cordyceps’ potential to fight biological aging and support the immune system. It can act as a tonic that improves our stamina by helping the body create more molecules that carry energy, called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). While cordyceps is a popular mushroom used by athletes, you can use it to support your mental energy daily. 

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Lion’s Mane

We’ve also touted Lion’s Mane as a mushroom that supports brain health and can help balance hormones. It’s known for its potential to support memory, concentration, and neuron growth for cognitive function. Even country singer Blake Shelton, who says he’s a member of the Wild Mushroom Enthusiasts of Oklahoma Facebook group, shared that he found and fried the fungus.

Lion’s Mane boosts production of myelin, the insulation around our nerve fibres, and the bio protein nerve growth factor (NFG), both of which are crucial for brain health.

Its ability to pass the blood brain barrier and the theory that it increases neurogenesis in the hippocampus—the part of our brain responsible for learning and memory—are some additional reasons Lion’s Mane holds potential for improving brain function.

Although we need more clinical research on the effects of Lion's Mane on humans, animal studies have shown that it can boost memory, increase concentration, and may help prevent NFG and myelin imbalance, which contributes to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease. In a small human study, Lion’s Mane was shown to improve cognition.

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Used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long list of potential health benefits, reishi can also support brain health and help balance hormones. Because of its naturally occurring, mood-boosting compounds, triterpenes, reishi may also help us improve sleep and reduce stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, which are all conducive to mental focus.

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Sourcing these fungi in raw form can be difficult, but you can find them in both supplement and powder form and use them in your beverages and other dishes.

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