Why I love Reishi Mushrooms!

Why I love Reishi Mushrooms!

I was introduced to the prized Reishi Mushroom several years ago when I first started demoing nutritional supplements. At the time I was very lethargic and tired easily. I gave them a try and found my energy came back and I quit catching every cold and flu bug that came around.

I didn't know what a medicinal mushroom was except that they were fungus and I was truly not even a mushroom lover at the time either. So I also didn't know there was a difference in medicinal mushrooms vs the little button type mushrooms you typically see in your grocery store. 

As a nutritional consultant I feel it's part of my job to educate people on the benefits of supplements or foods that are used medicinally and the Reishi Mushroom is no exception.

I was recently introduced to HAVNLIFE Reishi Recharge which is a capsule made with 10:1 extract of the Reisi:Fruiting Body. It is vegan, gluten free and also non-gmo.  Used as directed at 1 capsule daily you get 60 caps per bottle which is a 2 month supply.

So why would you want to use the medicinal Reishi Mushroom?

The Reishi mushroom is actually known as the "mushroom of mortality".

Below are my reasons why it's my favorite medicinal mushroom:

1. Energy: If you are feeling fatigued or have low energy, Reishi is very good for giving you more sustained energy.

2. Immune Support: modulates the immune system. Very important right now more than ever to support your immune system.

3. Sleep Support: has been shown to help support people who were suffering from insomnia.

4. Liver Support: since our liver has to detoxify toxins we put into our body whether environmental or through the foods we consume, or beauty products, or cleaning products. Reishi mushrooms help support the liver while offering detoxification support for the liver. Very important as it aids in metabolism as a result. Sluggish liver causes sluggish metabolism.

5. Stress Support: helps support low moods and helps with anxiety when we are under stress.

6. Blood Sugar Balance: helps balance low blood sugar or high blood sugar naturally.

7. Antibacterial 

8. Anti-inflammatory: helps reduce inflammation which in turn helps support our immune response.

9. Cardiovascular Support: helps lower LDL levels reducing cholesterol and also may help lower blood pressure.

10. Anti-inflammatory: since most diseases stem from chronic inflammation, reishi mushrooms have been shown to lower inflammation.

11. Digestive Support: acts as a prebiotic, feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut helping them to colonize more due to the fibre in reishi mushrooms.

12. Antifungal: Reishi is one of the medicinal mushrooms that helps actually helps fight Candida in the body.

If this isn't reason enough to try out this product, I don't know what is. I highly recommend you try it out for yourself and be sure to check with your qualified health care practioner before starting on supplements.

Emily Price, West Kelowna, BC

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