Try out HavnLife's Cordyceps Perform!

Try out HavnLife's Cordyceps Perform!

Havnlife has come out with a great medicinal mushroom capsule that I just started taking. 

What I love about their Cordyceps Perform medicinal mushroom capsules are that they are gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, small and easy to swallow with water. And you only need to take two a day.

One of my main reasons for using this product is for chronic inflammation seemingly in my lungs. I'm constantly coughing and trying to clear my throat almost every time I talk. Allergies are part of the culprit causing constant sinus and lung inflammation. 

Since Cordyceps have been traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries for Chronic Bronchitis,  COPD, and Asthma, and respiratory support, I believe it will help me as these types of illnesses are mainly caused by inflammation. 

I am also using them because they are an energy booster too and they boost up the immune system too. Right now I am doing everything I can to support my immune system. Don't worry, if a person has a high immune system Cordyceps are know to slow it down if it's functioning too high. So Cordyceps actually balance your immune system. I love that about them.

They also support muscle recovery post workout and because I walk several miles daily, I like knowing I have support from them to help with blood flow to aid in muscle tissue regeneration.  

And considering I'm constantly trying to keep my LDL lowered, Cordyceps are high in plant sterols so they are helpful for lowering my LDL too. 

Did I mention that Cordyceps may help support the liver and kidneys too and support the adrenals! They are jam packed with so many great benefits. 

Caution: Cordyceps mushrooms can thin the blood so always consult with your health care practitioner especially if you are on bloodthinners, are pregnant or nursing before using.

If this sounds like something you want to try out please check out the link ⬇️ to order yours.

Emily Price, West Kelowna, BC

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