There's help for cognitive function decline!

There's help for cognitive function decline!

Havnlife has a great new product available called "Bacopa Brain". 

Bacopa is actually a plant that has been found to aid in cognitive function.  It also helps promote restful sleep and is great for energy during the day. The extract has been used in Auravadic medicine for many, many years helping support memory loss and cognitive function.  

As people age, memory delines and it's great to know that HavnLife's Bacopa Brain has been clinically proven to support cognitive function and the nervous system.  


Only 1-2 capsules daily are required.  

The easy to swallow capsules are gluten-free,  vegan and non-gmo. 

I am trying this supplement out myself as I have found myself forgetting things simple little when I head to get something. I have ended up going to a room to get something and forget what I went to get only to end up comig back without it. Or I get distracted because I forgot what I went to look for and end up doing something completely unrelated.  It's frustrating and I'm certainly not alone. Although we all lsugh about it most of the time it really can become worrisome. 

I've only been using Bacopa Brain for the past 2 weeks and I plan to continue using it for at least a few months in order to reap the benefits.

My research says that it usually takes around 5 weeks to notice a difference. 

I definitely recommend giving it a try yourself if you are in need of help to support your memory. 

Emily Price, West Kelowna, BC

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