The queen of Mushrooms

The queen of Mushrooms

I really struggle with sleep...getting to sleep, staying asleep and anxiety when I can’t get back to sleep during the night. Reishi can help reduce fatigue and insomnia so I decided to put it to the test.  

HAVN life’s Reishi Recharge worked wonders for me, I found I fell asleep faster and stayed asleep most nights. I also woke up feeling rested. I love that this supplement is non-GMO, vegan and gluten free and gives me immune support.

Reishi has lots of benefits, it may help combat insomnia, support the immune system and liver, reduce fatigue, insomnia and appetite. 

Add HAVN life’s Reishi  Recharge to your pm routine to get a restful nights sleep!

Darcee Dorrans BA RHN, Winnipeg Canada

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