Smart Mushroom that looks like a hedgehog but roars like a lion with health benefits

Smart Mushroom that looks like a hedgehog but roars like a lion with health benefits

I am learning more and more about the many health benefits medicinal mushrooms can provide in support our natural ability to heal and maintain wellness. No exception for this interesting looking fun-gi called Lion’s Mane by HAVN LIFE 

I have to admit the name of this fungi caught my attention first, but upon further research, there’s way more that appeals my personal interest. 

What is Lions Mane? 

Lions Mane is both a culinary and medicinal mushroom with an interesting appearance. 

This mushroom looks more a hedgehog, but maybe a cute creature image doesn’t stand up to the impressive list of health benefits this mushroom offers. 

Studies have shown that it can help restore neurofunction both from physical or disease damage. Maybe why its is sometimes known as the Smart Mushroom for the cognitive support

Why I am interested? 

What got me interested in HAVN LIFE Lion’s Mane is my experience with their Mind Mushroom blend, Lion’s Mane is one of the chosen ingredients in it.

What I learned from my research about Lion’s Mane

To start, Lions Mane has been mentioned in my IBD community for its Gut protection effects, it’s known for immune boosting ability especially towards the gut microbiome, which is where a big part of our immunity lies.

Another personal interest for Lion’s Mane is the ability to help regulate blood sugar for diabetic management. 

With a history of diabetes in the family, all things blood sugar and insulin related is always on my mind. 

In each bottle of HAVNLIFE Lion’s Mane are 60 supplement capsules, delivered in vegetarian capsules, gluten free, non-GMO and completely vegan.   

With recommended dosage of 1 capsule a day, this is your 2 months supply.

My experience so far

I have been taking 1 capsule a day in the morning, on days when I need extra support for productivity. It is a good alternative to switch it up with Mind Mushroom for a more potent boost of this single mushroom supplement. 

I tend to have quite a sensitive constitution as my holistic care provider calls it, Lion’s Mane seems to give me a sense of satisfying accomplishment which is a good feeling to have against the “do more” mentality. I also want to add that It does not give me any agitated feeling like a stimulant does. 

Lion’s Mane is another one of HAVN LIFE’s  dedication in harnessing the healing power of adaptogenic herbs to support our wellness.

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