Rhodiola Relief by Havn Life

Rhodiola Relief by Havn Life

This summer has been such a tough go for me. I’ve been struggling with my health, as navigating life after cancer can be difficult at times. I’ve been attending doctors appointments. I’ve been in school trying to obtain a diploma. I’ve also been raising two children as a single mother. To add a cherry to the top, I’m also working through a divorce this year. 

My stress levels has been extremely high to say the least, and I have had to take time to learn more about dealing with my new stress level and overall emotional burnout that it keeps causing.

I’ve learned that when I don’t focus on taking my supplements in the morning, that I actually take a fast decline throughout the day. I’ve been taking 2 capsules daily of the Rhodiola relief and have noticed it’s helping more cope with my stress and manage it a lot better. The HavnLife Rhidiola relief supports mental stamina along with your level of focus. 

You can take a maximum of 3 vegetarian capsules daily. With this supplement, it’s best not to take 3 hours before bed, as it does keep you more alert and less groggy. There’s 90 capsules per container. They do not have a taste, or scent. They are finger mail length and go down easily with water, or your favourite drink. 

They are non gmo, vegan friendly and gluten free. The capsules contain finely ground rice flower, rice powder, and 200 mg of the rhodiola extract. 

These are life changing supplements. They are helping me so much with life after cancer, and couldn’t be more grateful for the life they are giving back to me. 

If you would like to try them out for yourself, head over to https://yourhavnlife.com and check out all the different supplements and information available. You won’t be disappointed! ❤️

Krystle W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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