Rhodiola: energy for what matters most!

Rhodiola: energy for what matters most!

Ever feel, burnt out, exhausted and lack the motivation to get out and enjoy your day? I do, often.

I wanted to try HAVNLIFE Rhodiola relief because it’s an uplifting adaptogen that can help address those feelings because it supports your adrenals to reduce stress and it can improve your mental and physical stamina.

Why use it? We all know stress is bad for us. When our adrenals are overworked they produce cortisol and insulin resistance rises and we feel stressed out, tired and don’t have energy to do the activities we love. 

When your body thinks it's under stress, your adrenals start firing off cortisol, then insulin resistance rises,  and all kinds of complications can follow: higher blood sugars, exhaustion, etc.

After 2 weeks I can feel a substantial difference in my energy levels, I want to go out for walks in the park and I gave the energy in the evenings to do that. Results do continue to improve over time. I love that HAVNLIFE is also non GMO, gluten free and vegan 🌱

Darcee Dorrans BA RHN, Winnipeg Canada

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