Reishi Recharge by Havn Life

Reishi Recharge by Havn Life

The morning is such a beautiful time to spend  a few minutes being grateful and doing a quick meditation and stretch. I find this routine recharges my mornings each day.

With a recent gifting from @yourhavnlife, a new Canadian company releasing May 31, I’ve had the opportunity to try out their new line up of supplements that are focused on supporting the immune system as well as your mental health. 

The Reishi Recharge supplement is used to support the immune system, but it also has many other qualities like assisting liver function, a source of energy, reducing fatigue, insomnia as well as coughing and wheezing. 😳Mind blowing what these can actually do for your overall health. 

Reishi is a multipurpose mushroom that is used in herbal medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicines. These vegetarian capsules contain 600mg ( 6000mg dry equivalent ) of Ganoderma lucidum, which is the fruiting body of Reshi. It’s also contains rice flour, rice powder and hypromelise.

You take one daily with food, so I l take with my breakfast, which is right after my morning meditation, that way I’m set for the whole day ahead. No mid day crashes. 

I’ve noticed a big shift in my energy recently. With the support of @yourhavnlife supplements, I’ve been able to keep up with my two daughters all day, rather than take breaks to let my body heal from the aches and pains. I don’t wheeze as much on inclines or stairs either, which was a bit mine blowing! I’m grateful for them helping me the way they have.

The lineup has been incredible to review. If you’d like to try out the Reishi Recharge, check out their line up, or would like further information, head to @peopletail or directly to the @yourhavnlife website. You won’t be disappointed! ❤️

Krystle W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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