Refuel with the power of Reishi Mushrooms!

Refuel with the power of Reishi Mushrooms!

I received the Reishi Recharge Zen Support supplement from Havn Life for free (#gotitfree) from PeopleTail in exchange for an honest review. This past year has been tough on everyone, leaving many feeling stressed, tired and contributing to a lack of sleep. This natural Zen support supplement supports and strengthens the immune system, and that is definitely something we can all use. We are living through a pandemic, something that the majority of us can never have envisioned ourselves experiencing. This supplement looked very promising, as it was formulated with human optimization in mind.

One of the things that really drew me to this Havn Life product was that reishi mushrooms were listed as the key ingredient. Mushrooms are the second highest growing natural health supplement that are under serviced on the market. They are superfoods that are packed with antioxidants, which aide in strengthening immunity, brain function and free radical cell damage. It has been used worldwide in herbal remedies which contribute to increased energy levels, reduced stress levels, and improved liver function. It has also been used in Traditional Chinese Medicines in order to strengthen the heart, to reduce fatigue, insomnia and appetite.

I have noticed that my sleep has improved slightly. I have only been taking this supplement for a short time, but I find that I am falling asleep sooner than I normally would, and I wake up feeling ready to take on the day. It is as if my sleep is elevated - a sounder sleep, without any interruptions. Normally, I lie awake at night trying to fall asleep for quite some time. The day's anxiety cripples your mind, keeping you alert and awake - the stress of the day/life preventing you from falling asleep with ease. I often feel too tired to fall asleep, if that makes any sense. My mind is still racing, and it completely disrupts my sleep cycle. I feel very hopeful with this supplement, as I have already observed a calmer state of mind, which has made it easier to relax and fall asleep (and remain asleep).

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is seeking to support their immunity, increase their energy levels, reduce fatigue and insomnia. This supplement will help you achieve that.

Sasha I, Canada

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