Need an energy boost?

Need an energy boost?

HAVNLife's Cordyceps Perform is an energy boosting supplement, but it does so much more than that! It's great for immune support and has been used in herbal medicine for improving lung and kidney function and is a source of antioxidants that fight against free radical cell damage.

I struggled with severe adrenal fatigue a few years ago and to this day I still take supplements to support my adrenals because, if you've ever had any adrenal issues, you know how awful it is! Prevention is key. I'm so excited about Cordyceps Perform. Cordyceps can help boost your energy levels and exercise performance and promote muscle repair post workout. For this reason Cordyceps are especially great for athletes or anyone living an active lifestyle. Since I am always trying to support my adrenals, I have to be careful not to push too hard in my workouts, I love that Cordyceps can help support this balance. 

Anyone that has a persistent cough or has to take an inhaler Cordyceps could be beneficial. My brother struggles with asthma and I'm going to give him half of the bottle to see if it helps with his symptoms. 

Such a great all around immunity boosting, antioxidant supplement!

Rebecca Owusu, Canada

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