Naturally improve memory and reduce anxiety!

Naturally improve memory and reduce anxiety!

I received the Bacopa Brain Memory + Mood Support supplement from Havn Life for free (#gotitfree) from PeopleTail in exchange for an honest review. This supplement is formulated with human optimization in mind. Bacopa supports brain health and improves memory. It has been used for centuries in herbal medicine, by Ayurvedic medical practitioners for a variety of purposes, including improving memory, reducing anxiety, and treating epilepsy. It is a powerful plant extract that is clinically proven to support cognitive function and the nervous system.

Research has shown that bacopa has the potential to improve brain function and reduce anxiety and stress - among several other benefits. One study in mice indicated that taking bacopa supplements had significantly enhanced their spatial learning and ability to retain information. This study has also brought to light that bacopa increases dendritic length and branching. Dendrites are a portion of nerve cells in the brain that are closely linked to learning and memory. Daily use of this supplement has proven to refine memory, attention, and the ability to process information.

Bacopa is considered to be an adaptogenic herb, improving your body’s aversion to stress. It can aide in reducing stress and anxiety by boosting your mood and reducing levels of cortisol in your system. Some of the effects it produces can be compared to those of prescription medication used to treat anxiety. This is a more natural alternative, you would feel safe taking something that derives from nature, rather than chemical compounds.

I have been taking one capsule daily for the last two weeks, and have noticed some improvements to my overall mood and information retention. I feel that my ability to manage certain stressors has gotten a lot better, and that my focus has progressed. I have noticed a difference in my performance levels at work, and I look forward to experiencing the further effects of this amazing supplement.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing clouding of consciousness, high stress/anxiety levels, and mood instabilities.

Sasha I, Canada

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