Natural form of stress relief!

Natural form of stress relief!

I received the Rhodiola Relief Mental Fatigue + Stress Relief supplement from Havn Life for free (#gotitfree) from PeopleTail in exchange for an honest review. This is a supplement that is formulated with human optimization in mind - to support mental focus and mental stamina. Prior to receiving this supplement, I had not known of all the health benefits Rhodiola can provide. It serves as an adaptogen that can alleviate life's stressors.

Adaptogens increase your body’s resistance to stress, allowing you to better cope during stressful times. Over the span of a few days, Rhodiola supplements have shown significant improvements in symptoms of stress, including fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. These improvements continue throughout extended use. It has also been shown to improve symptoms of burnout, which is a common effect when dealing with chronic stress. 

Rhodiola has been shown to improve many symptoms of depression. In this sense, it shares similarities with antidepressants - may positively influence/balance neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotion. It produces fewer side effects and is tolerated better than some antidepressants. Wouldn't you rather try a simpler, more natural product to help improve your mood, rather than consuming chemicals that can be doing further damage? These supplements are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free - made up of the Rhodiola extract, for maximum potency.

It is recommended to take this supplement on an empty stomach - it is important to note that it is not wise to take it prior to bedtime, as it has a slight stimulatory effect. It may awaken or excite you, and this is not the intended outcome you want before going down for the night (three hours prior). I have been taking one every morning, before beginning my day. I do so on an empty stomach, prior to having any breakfast. You can take up to three capsules daily, I have been taking only one for the time being.

Overall, Rhodiola has many health benefits and is considered safe with a low risk of side effects when it’s taken in the recommended dosages. I began to take these supplements last week, and can already sense a difference in my performance levels. We all experience different stressors in life, and some days can be tougher than others. Seeing as we have been living through a pandemic for the past year and a half, who wouldn't be stressing out? We are doing our part in ensuring we remain safe at work, and at home - cleaning and disinfecting everything as we go - meanwhile, we can never know what the near future entails. With thoughts of a fourth wave looming in the Fall, it becomes very difficult to see past that and think that everything will be okay. Risking our lives on a daily basis, coming to and from work, home, grocery store - it is something that is constantly on our minds, we cannot help but think about it. I found that my thoughts were slightly less frequent, and that I was able to think things through, and see them from several different perspectives. I have been feeling slightly more energized, which has been an ongoing issue for me.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is feeling burnt out, in need of some stress-relief - be that work life, or home life!

Sasha I, Canada

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