Mushrooms for Immunity (& more!)

Mushrooms for Immunity (& more!)

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom and the second highest antioxidant rich food on the planet (!!!). Antioxidants can prevent (or slow) the damage to cells caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that the body produces as a reaction to the breaking down food and other environmental exposures and can cause damage (illness/aging) to cells. Antioxidants seek out free radicals in the body and neutralize them so we looove antioxidants. 

Chaga grows on birch trees and while it might not be very pretty on the outside it sure packs a punch on the inside as it's full of allll the good stuff. It's packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

Most people with arthritis, or pretty much any condition ending in "itis" as "itis" means "inflamed", can benefit from taking chaga as it is great for reducing inflammation. The standard western diet is full of inflammatory foods so chaga can really be beneficial for any kind of inflammation!

The beta-glucans in Chaga Mushrooms are naturally occurring carbohydrates that can boost your immune defence so it's also a great all around immune support. This is especially important right now considering we are in a the middle of a global pandemic - I don't know about you, but immune support has been a big focus for me this past year+! 

Chaga can also help to lower blood sugar so people with diabetes (or insulin resistance related to hormonal issues) can* also benefit, but it's always important to consult with your health care practitioner to ensure that any new supplements won't counteract any of your current supplements or medications. *If you are taking insulin or any other blood-lowering meds this might not be a safe option for you as it could cause hypoglycemia.

I also love that this supplement is vegan, gluten-free, and non-gmo as those are things I look for in my supplements!

Rebecca Owusu, Canada

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