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Mind and Body Supplement

Mind and Body Supplement


Mind and Body Supplement

@yourhavnlife Lion’s Mane mushrooms supplement is designed to help maintain and balance the brain and the body. This supplement is packed with antioxidants and helps to protect against free radical cell damage.

We need a strong immune system to protect our bodies from bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing pathogens. It is believed that lion’s mane mushroom can boost immunity by increasing the activity of the intestinal immune system, which protects the body from pathogens and improves cognitive and heart health.

Many believe that Lion's Mane supplements claim to also be beneficial as a memory pills, mood booster and mental focus supplements. It is said to help improve the brain’s regenerative function while supporting mental clarity, improved energy level, mood, and heart health.

I take 1 capsule daily to help keep me focused and improve my immunity in case I don’t get to eat enough nutrients throughout the day. I am not sure if this is an intended benefit, but I also notice that I am falling asleep easier since I started taking these. 

Tashekia White, Vancouver, Canada


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