Lion’s Mane by Havn Life

Lion’s Mane by Havn Life

When you are working through the remission stage of cancer, you really do need all the assistance you can get in terms of additional nutrients to help keep the body healthy and healing.

I have been learning so much when it comes to supplements lately and I have really started to gain an understanding of what my body can and can’t handle. 

With a recent switch to vegan based supplements, I wanted to try out the newest line of Havn supplements that just came out. As you seen in my last posts, I had the opportunity to review the first 4 that were released early this year. 

Now I get to try out another 3. The first one I had the opportunity to review was the Lion’s Mane. It’s geared to assist with your immune system, brain and overall body balance.  The lion’s mane mushroom has antioxidants, which helps protect from cell damage. As a cancer patient, that’s incredibly important for me to do. 

The clear vegetarian capsule contains 280mg of finely ground Lion’s Mane mushroom, rice flour, rice powder and hypromellose. They are gluten free, vegan friendly, non-gmo and most importantly made in Canada. 

If you’d like to learn more about these supplements and how they can be of help to you, check out their website:

Krystle W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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