Heart health and hormones balance are just a few support you can get from Reishi

Heart health and hormones balance are just a few support you can get from Reishi

Although this is not my first time talking about Reishi mushroom, I’m excited to be learning more about how this powerful fungus can support my wellness goals.

Insulin sensitivity is one of my ongoing focus. 

In this bottle of HAVN LIFE Reishi Recharge, there are 60 doses of Reishi, with the recommend dose is one a day with food, this is two months worth of wellness support. 

Like other supplements from HAVN LIFE Reishi Recharge  is delivered in vegetarian capsules, gluten free, non- GMO and completely vegan.  

What is Reishi?

Also known as Lingzi, this medicinal mushrooms have been familiar in the Asian community for over thousands of years. 

I knew at a young age that it is use aiding recoveries from illnesses. Because it was so valuable, historically reserved for Royalties,  I only heard of them being used to help people through serious illnesses in modern days. 

Why I am interested? 

My interest in Lingzi, Reishi began with perimenopause support, helping balancing hormones, but upon deeper research, I learned that it could have possible therapeutic effect on insulin resistance, as someone with diabetes in the family, I am watchful with my blood glucose and love learning how to support insulin sensitivity. 

Reishi has shown effective in helping down regulating tumors in animal testings.

As an adaptogen,  Reishi mushroom is able to help regulate and balance the immune system, slowing it down when the system is overstimulated, and boost it as needed. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is used to strengthen the heart and support liver function. It may help with more restful sleep and improve your energy.

Reishi is also one of the FOUR medicinal ingredients in the MIND MUSHROOM blend by HAVNLIFE

HAVN  LIFE Reishi Recharge is another one of HAVNLIFE’s dedication to harness the healing power of adaptogenic medicinal mushroom in moderating the immune system.

Astrid Fox, Bio-individual Holistic health advocate - Vancouver, Canada

Astrid - Heal me in the Kitchen, Vancouver, Canada

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