Get Ready to Recharge!

Get Ready to Recharge!

Reishi Mushroom Recharge 

If you are looking for a supplement to help you recharge Havn Life Reishi Recharge provides that.

If there was ever a time when most people are off balance, it’s now. Thankfully, Havn Life believes in people and their potential and they envision a world where everyone is operating at peak mental performance. With 20+ years of experience in this field, they are formulating the next generation of medicine using psychedelic compounds.

Reishi has been used in Herbal Medicine around the world. It helps to reduce anxiety, improves sleep and boosts your immune system. This mushroom is also a source of energy, relieves stress and su[pport liver function. Bitterness is a key quality indicator of reishi, so I am happy I can get the benefits of it with having to taste it. Only thing I have to do is take 1 capsule daily with food- isn't that great?

I am naturally a night owl and can lay in bed for hours without sleeping and since I started taking this I have seen some improvement. I take it in the evening and it helps me to feel more relaxed and fall asleep a bit earlier. It’s a natural supplement so do not expect results overnight, it will slowly work as the days go by. I’m looking forward to seeing the earliest I will fall asleep by the time I am finished with this bottle. So far I am enjoying the benefits. 

Tashekia White, Vancouver, Canada

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