Cordyceps Perform by Havn Life

Cordyceps Perform by Havn Life

Have you ever been on a trail, and just been completely drained and your two kids are just doing circles around waiting to go, go, go. It’s happened a few times to me. Recovering from cancer can be incredibly difficult to navigate sometimes for me.

I don’t like letting my girls down, so I’ve pushed through some pretty painful moments, but they were so rewarding, I won’t lie.

When I was gifted the @yourhavnlife supplement line, I was excited to see if this newer Canadian based company could help tackle some of the issues I was currently working through. 

The cordyceps perform is a supplement created to help you with your energy levels, but also aids to improve lung and kidney functions. The cordyceps mushroom is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight cell damage throughout the body. It has been used in Herbal medicine for many, many years. 🍄 

After taking this for two weeks, I noticed a change in how our hikes were actually going. One great day, I thought was good, but it ended up being a few hikes in a row that were completely pain free, and I had enough energy to double the amount of steps I normally can take. 

I’ve been climbing rocks, doing the trails and even managed to climb the Niagara escarpment without having issue. Can you believe that?

I took 2 capsules per day once in the morning and once at night with water. I didn’t experience any after tastes or after effects. It meshed well with all my other multivitamins, biotin and probiotics that I take in the mornings. 

I’d highly recommend taking a look at the supplements from @yourhavnlife, and finding the ones that suit your lifestyle best. You can find them all on the @peopletail website. 🪄 

Krystle W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada>

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