Chaga Immunity is a great antioxidant and great immune modulator!

Chaga Immunity is a great antioxidant and great immune modulator!

I love the medicinal mushrooms.  Chaga is no exception.  I've used it as a tea for years so it's nice to find it in an easy to use capsule form from HavnLife. One a day is all that is required and these are great to take with me on my  upcoming trips.

What I like about Chaga Immunity is that it modulates the immune system response.  Very important now more than ever to support our immune systems as best we can and I thing Chaga Immunity works well for this. 

One thing about Chaga that I love is that it is a superfood that has the highest ORAC score as far as antioxidants go. Antioxidants fight free radical damage in all the cells in our body. It basically protects our cells from all the nasty things our body endures on a daily basis. This is extremely important.  

Chago has been used in conjunction with chemo and radiation in cancer treatments too. 

It has antiviral (think viral infections) and anti-inflammatory ( think arthritis,  sinusitis, gastritis, bursitis, bronchitis, etc) properties and is antibacterial too.

It's been used to balance blood sugar in diabetes but must be done under supervision from a healthcare practitioner.  

Chaga Immunity capsules are vegan, gluten free and non-gmo as well. 

Chaga Mushrooms grow on birch trees. They are found right here in BC, Canada forests but also in a few other places in the world. 

I have to share with you, a bit about HavnLife too. Havnlife is a company that is part of a global community that is taking an active role in supporting research for microdosing therapies in treating mental health disorders utilizing psychedelics too. I was very happy to learn that they are working with veterans and military and that they are developing innovative formulas to support clinical trials that address PTSD recovery as well as other trauma related disorders too. I fully support companies like this and personally feel we need more companies like HavnLife in this world.

Chaga Immunity is available to order by scrolling down ⬇️ to the shop button Havnlife below.

Check with your health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant,  nursing or are taking blood thinners.

Emily Price, West Kelowna, BC>

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