Chaga Immunity by Havn Life

Chaga Immunity by Havn Life

With COVID still circulating, and creating more and more variations, it’s important for us to continue to assist our immunity systems as well as our bodies to stay strong over the coming months.

With so much on the market right now, it’s been hard to navigate which product is right and which is not living up to its standards. I  always get overwhelmed looking at supplements. 😅

I was recently gifted some new @yourhavnlife supplements. @yourhavnlife is a newer Canadian based company who is launching May 31 and is focusing on helping to ensure all Canadians are functioning at their peak potential. @yourhavnlife has released several different supplements to help tackle different stages of your mental health, and immune systems. Perfect for people who have different types of ailments.

The first supplement I received happened to be the Chaga Immunity. Chaga if you aren’t familiar with it yet, is a form of a mushroom. 🍄 It’s the second highest form of antioxidant-rich food that you grab in the market. This mushroom helps to control the inflammation in your body as well as support your immune system. 

The vegetarian capsule is clear and has ground up brown Chaga mushrooms and rice flower and powder in the inside. It’s not oversized at all, and does not have a lingering scent. I personally took them with water in the morning about 10 minutes after my multivitamins, and have had no issues. It’s gluten free, vegan and non gmo. 

After taking these, I noticed that I not only felt better, but it’s been really helping cope with my hip pain flare ups from radiation treatments. Walking is a bit more manageable. I knocked out 13,000 steps this week and usually can only go for 7,000 before I’m in pain. Being able to have that back up support for my immune system not only because of COVID but because I’m still in cancer remission is so beneficial to me right now as well! 

This supplement was a home run for me. I’d highly recommend checking out their entire lineup and find the ones that suite you best. Available on the @peopletail website. 🌿


Krystle W - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Krystle W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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