Calm your mind and gut with Chaga

Calm your mind and gut with Chaga

Stress is one of the main cause of many dis-ease. I’ve had first hand experience with what unmanaged stress can do to the body. 

Through my gut healing journey, I’ve learning about the power of adaptogenic herbs that can help the body reset to better balance. 

I learned about Chaga mushroom from a relaxing cup of tea a friend offered. He explained the prolong brewing process in order to get the maximum benefit of the herb, but it’s much easier to reach for HAVNLIFE Chaga Immunity  to skip the steeping, because this supplement is extracted for maximum potency. 

Saving you  time with better effect. 

HAVNLIFE  Chaga Immunity, offers 60 capsules in each bottle, with recommended dose of 1 a day, so this will last you 2 months benefits. 

Chaga is also one of the FOUR medicinal ingredients in the MIND MUSHROOM blend by HAVNLIFE 

Like other supplements from HAVN LIFE Chaga Immunity  is delivered in vegetarian capsules, gluten free, non- GMO and completely vegan. 

What is Chaga? 

Chaga mushroom is fungus commonly found on birch trees in cold climates. 

Most find this fungus too bitter to ingest so it’s commonly brewed as a tea.

Why I am interested? 

Besides my initial draw to Chaga’s ability to promoting restfulness, I later learned  that in animal studies, chaga can help relief allergy symptoms, improve cognition functions, but the main one is how it can calm inflammatory in the gut namely colitis. 

Chaga Immunity is another one of HAVN LIFE’s  dedication in harnessing the healing power of adaptogenic medicinal mushroom to support our immune system.

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