Bacopa: good mood and brain food

Bacopa: good mood and brain food

It’s no secret I have anxiety and that my mood suffers as a result of that. This year has been especially stressful with a big move from the east to the prairies and because of that I feel like my brain is overworked, I can’t remember all the things I need to and my anxiety is in overdrive. I get so nervous driving in new places and large cities.

Bacopa has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to help boost brain function, reduce stress, improve your levels of concentration and lessen anxiety because it can elevated your mood (hello serotonin boost) and reduce cortisol levels.  This is my perfect match!

So how is HAVNLIFE Bacopa Brain working for me? I’ve taken one capsule each morning for two weeks (along with some of their other amazing formulas) and I have found that I have improved concentration and my anxiety is much lower. I love that HAVNLIFE uses the best quality ingredients so you’re getting the most benefits from their products, it’s vegan, gluten-free and non GMO!

If you’re struggling to find your way out of the brain fog or feel anxious I’d recommend giving Bacopa Brain a try, it’s done wonders to reduce my anxiety and improve my concentration.

Darcee Dorrans BA RHN, Winnipeg Canada

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