Bacopa Brain by HavnLife

Bacopa Brain by HavnLife

As I had mentioned in my previous review, I had the opportunity to try out 3 new products that were just released from HavnLife. The first one was Lions Mane, and this review is about the next supplement which is Bacopa Brain. 5 star product coming your way! 

Bacopa Brain has been the perfect supplement to help tackle my memory issues. Since COVID hit, and we were restricted to being inside more, I found my brain to not be used as much as before. I wasn’t exercising or even reading as often and it affected my brains overall function. I found my short term memory has declined. 

I found that these supplements have helped my short term memory that has been affected lately. It keeps me sharp and not in a consistent day fog. I find I’m not as frantic because I’m not struggling with the stress of the memory loss. It’s been eye opening to have this experience with a supplement. 

Bacopa mushrooms are known to help support brain health, and improve overall memory. It’s been clinically proven to support cognitive function and the nervous system in the body. If you do a bit of research on it, you will see it’s  actually been used in herbal medicine for centuries! It’s incredible. 🤗

The supplement is made out in Vancouver, Canada, making it a Canadian product! We love supporting our local provinces, and can’t wait to keep supporting this amazing business. I honestly highly recommend this entire lineup of supplements, especially to those who are struggling with mental health and memory issues. 

Check out their entire lineup here at:

Krystle W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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