4 in 1 medicinal mushroom magic!

4 in 1 medicinal mushroom magic!

HAVNLife Mind Mushroom capsules are a beautiful blend of chaga, reishi, cordecyps, and lion’s mane. These medicinal mushrooms contain powerful immune boosting properties and antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body. The combination of these four mushrooms has so many health benefits that my video and this review really only grazes the surface, but here is a very brief overview of some of the benefits that stand out to me:

Lions Mane: great for cognitive support. I took lions mane when I was in law school and struggling with a lot of health issues which in turn was affecting my focus. Lions mane really helped my recall when studying and allowed me to focus on a single task for more than 2-3 minutes at a time!

Cordyceps: helps combat fatigue and improve energy! If you are someone who has an afternoon slump in their days this might help. It's great for keeping your energy levels up and muscle repair after workouts. I love cordyceps for adrenal support. 

Reishi: great for stress reduction and sleep. Helps you to feel more "chill/zen". I also took reishi in law school to help me wind down before bed and help with my insomnia. It helps me to relax and have a more restful sleep. 

Chaga: the second highest antioxidant food in the world! Great immune support, anti-inflammatory, and helps with blood sugar balance. Energy booster!

I love this blend because you get the healing power of 4 mushrooms in one. HAVNLife's supplements are naturally derived, backed by SCIENCE and also all vegan, gluten-free, and non-gmo which is something I look for in my supplements so they get a big A+ for that from me!

Rebecca Owusu, Canada

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